Company services

Booklet Estate creates PDF presentations using links from real estate websites and sends them by email.

  • The user inserts a link to the listing
  • The system receives all data about the real estate property
  • The user adjusts the content of the presentation and immediately sends an email or saves the PDF on his device.

The user can familiarize himself with the system's functionality and use it in test mode for free on the main page.

To fully work with Booklet Estate, you need to register and pay the subscription in your personal account.

Benefits of Booklet Estate

  • Booklet Estate filters the data of the author of the listing - the recipient of the presentation will not be able to know the source of the listing.
  • The system supports the most popular real estate websites.
  • Processes watermarks – cuts or glues them.
  • Creates a presentation for you: you can enter your name, position, and contacts and upload a photo.