How is uninterrupted operation of the service maintained?

03.10.2019 3 minutes of reading стаття блогу

The main priority of our service is the constant correct operation of the service with all supported sites 24/7. It is clear that if the site to which you enter the link does not respond, or you enter an incorrect link, we cannot do anything, but in other cases, the service should be fully armed. We understand the responsibility to you.

  • Every contingency with every data collection is instantly sent to our developers via SMS. In critical issues, we respond instantly because we always have an employee on call.
  • The project developers are experts in parsing (this is the process of developing applications for collecting data from open sources), so each fix (for example, in connection with updates on the classifieds site) is made really quickly.
  • For each of the supported sites, every 10 minutes, we check the health of our system in a fully automatic mode, and we also receive notifications in case of changes to the supported site.
  • The data collector for each site is designed in such a way that if we cannot get any data correctly (for example, if there is text or nothing in the place where the price has always been), then we are immediately notified by all means, and start investigating the problem.

This set of measures guarantees the maximum level of system stability, as a result of which you can count on minimal chances that you will ever experience problems using the service.